Oh Fancy it; let there be light!

D’ya fancy something fancy, or is it just a passing fancy?  Frothy little word, to hail from Ancient Greek bedrock!  Phos (light), phainos (to show in light), phantozein (to make visible); Latin’s phantasia; English fantasy, fant’sy, contracting into  fancy all its own around 1400.  Where does your desire cast its light, what dost thou illuminate. Fancy’s A to Z…from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” to St. Theresa’s “there are more tears wept over answered prayers than unanswered prayers”.  Your desire, fantasy, enthusiasm, whim, hobby, the superlative, the high-falutin…or where I may be headed here, into the unnecessarily complicated.  Shine on!

Etymological illuminations brought to you by Jane

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