One (Six) Poem(s) at a Time -9-

Raymond Roseliep was a Roman Catholic priest, who lived a quiet life in Iowa, undistinguished except for the large collection of Haiku he wrote throughout his life. He wrote them in styles twisting and overturning traditional conventions of the form, and his poems show a constant sense of wit, playfulness, and curiosity. Like the zen masters of old, Roseliep’s haiku capture crystalized moments of realization; meditations that are both humble and funny, but filled with a sense of timelessness and deep wisdom.



Six Haiku by Raymond Roseliep

but, child,
there is no song
in the egg you break


I whispered of death
one winter night in a voice
we both never knew


armload of child
the weight of night


autumn stillness
the cracks
of your hand


he removes his glove
to point out


I tried to bring you
that one cloud
in this cup of water

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One response to “One (Six) Poem(s) at a Time -9-

  1. Julie von Zerneck

    How very elegant and beautiful.

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