Death? Maybe. Taxes? Not so fast!

Dear Reader,

Life is hard! Most everywhere in this town you no longer are able to hear birds singing after 8 AM. Cupcakes go right to your thighs. You’re required by law to wear clothes in public! Your babies grow up and start asking about the meaning of life. Sales tax in LA is a mephistophelian 9.75%.

We at Portrait of a Bookstore can’t do much about the birds or the cycles of life, but we can, and are going to, do something about that pesky tax! Tomorrow and every TUESDAY after, what you see is what you pay! WE PAY YOUR SALES TAX and send you on your merry way, so you’ll have more time and more money left to do more important things– like, eat more cupcakes, for example.

Also, as a bonus, just for this week, the NO SALES TAX rule applies to April 15 as well.  That’s this Thursday, in case you’re either very responsible or very irresponsible.



Visit the bookstore, you most certainly should,

as it will only serve to make you feel good.

We’ll take away some of the pain

because you should have so much more to gain.

 Cupcakes are good and sales tax is bad–

We’re paying it for you and that’s that!




The Crazy Folks at Your Favorite Local Independent Bookstore inside Aroma Cafe

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