“Alone With You”

Marisa Silver’s new collection of short stories, Alone With You, is released today. We have a stack on the counter in danger of toppling and invite you to stop  in for an autographed copy.

Maile Meloy, author of Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It, (also in stock,) writes, “Alone With You offers eight extraordinary portraits of life’s tender humiliations as well as its sharp, rude jolts. Marisa Silver’s virtuosic range seems endless, and yet her ear and heart are in each case mining for a precise kind of undoing: when the fog suddenly lifts and people manage stark contact with themselves, if only for a fleeting moment. These moments are brought to bear with deftness, compassion, and an eerie, unflinching grace.”

Silver will be at Skylight Books on Wednesday at 7:30 pm, reading from the new collection.

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