One Poem at a Time -16-

My sister-in-law, Liz Klise, a poet herself, just sent me this. A while back she had to sell her most glorious four-story town house in Brooklyn Heights and it tore her apart for sometime. And then she read this…   



“69” by Philip Schultz

This morning I’m tired of the same newspapers and arguments._
I’m tired of sticking the same legs into the same pants,_
the same hands poking out of the same sleeves, going west_
and then east, heating up the same tea, watching the same sun_
rise over the same horizon, the same trees shedding the same leaves._
Tired of climbing the same stairs to look out the same window_
at the same street, tired of shaking the same hands, opening and_
closing the same doors, dreaming the same dreams, saying hello_
good morning happy birthday I’m so sorry please forgive me.



[Listen to an audio clip of Robert Pinsky reading “Street Music”]

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One response to “One Poem at a Time -16-

  1. lilly

    Isn’t it miraculous how a poem can lead us to the next “place”? Thanks so much for posting this, Julie. Think I’ll save it for a rainy day, if you know what I mean…

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