New (A)Musings

The (A)Musings page has been updated!

From now on, for those of you who are far away and can’t physically get to our board, you can complete the current week’s sentence and we’ll make a slip for you and put it up on the board along with everyone else’s.

We can’t wait to see how you all answer this one!


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3 responses to “New (A)Musings

  1. Julie von Zerneck

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting…. what is the question?
    And what a good idea to include thoes who are far away.

  2. A Return Home,
    Only Time Will Tell !

    Oh blessed hope,
    Both hardly a dream…
    Sweltering heat with bloodshed in the street !
    Send the troops home,

    No reason for them to roam,

    These are desolate times,
    Yet we as a nation have chosen ill faded rhymes ?
    The casualties are enormous !
    For one stated cause that’s simply atrocious !

    A mother’s cry as the door chime rings’

    Vanishing salute to freedom as the church choir begins to sing !
    Lets’ look above to all the heavenly love/
    Merciful one, take the chip off my shoulder/

    Stop the senseless fighting before our nation grows colder..,

    Hence, seeds were suddenly dropped out of a farmers bag;

    In time roots spring forth out of the fertile soil,
    As the sun heats up,
    Time will tell when this harvest will boil,
    In the game of life your time is very brief,

    The tender soul yearns for it’s heavenly relief,

    Share with others who may want to turn over a brand new leaf !

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