A Mouse’s Plea, Through Poetry

The Stuff of Stuff: in hopes of perpetuating only those things which engender thought, wonder, and awareness.


Story here.

Poem here.

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One response to “A Mouse’s Plea, Through Poetry

  1. The poem in question, ” A Mouse’s Plea”
    Is symbolic in a sense that a mouse would attempt’
    To pluck the proper word fresh out of the Autumn air/
    The in tuned harmony to the hidden beasts menegerie,
    Cause I equate the mouse to that of the person,

    “Trembling at the approaching morn”,
    The existentialist would appear in some stupor’
    Yet philisophically speaking the mouse shows that one needs to take off their mask this in to expose their true selves,
    It’s simply about choices,
    Understandably, what one does with their lives today will be echoed throughout all of eternity !

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