What to Read When All You Want is to Watch TV

Never let it be said that we’re book snobs: 
Are you in need of a light, fun read with nothing weighty to ponder? Perhaps you have just finished a heart-wrenching tale and find yourself emotionally drained after following the twists and turns of characters as they moved closer toward their tragic fates. Maybe, on top of that, that winning lottery ticket you just found out was a winner met its fate inside the washer, then found itself in the dryer, and now lies in tatters on the kitchen table. Your eyes swollen, half-shut, a pile of soggy tissues crumpled at your feet, you long to find a new book to escape into, but the thought of slogging through another trial-and-tribulation story is giving you a severe case of the vapors. Well, brighten up! I have just the remedy.

Julie, having recently returned from the Cotswolds in England, has brought us a newly-discovered book series.

Wrapped inside the cellophane of her most recent edition of Cotswold Living magazine was a mass market book, titled Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death. Hesitant at first, curiosity finally got the best of her, and upon reading the first chapter Julie quickly became enthralled.

Agatha Raisin, a fifty-three year old divorcee, recently retired from a lucrative career in public relations in London, is neither nice nor considerate of others. Her work has been her entire life and now that she has nabbed her dream of a Cotswold cottage, she has more time on her hands than she knows what to do with. Having no friends of any consequence to invite up for a visit doesn’t exactly help her feelings of isolation and loneliness. She is certain she has made a terrible mistake and sets out to sell the cottage so she can move back to city life. Until murder comes calling.

Mrs. Agatha Raisin, with the same tenacity that secured her such tremendous business success, sets out to solve the crime and we are off and running, along for the ride. Agatha, with her plain brown hair, plain square face, stocky figure and “bear-like” eyes, lets nothing and no one get the best of her, telling people to “Sod off!” left and right, when irritated.

Quiche of Death is the first of over twenty books in M.C. Beaton’s light hearted, hugely enjoyable series and we excitedly carry them all. So, instead of buying a new box of tissues or a lottery ticket, stop by and pick up a book or two. Like Miss Marple, it really doesn’t matter what story you read, they are all small gifts contained unto themselves. Each mystery, as it is unraveled, will surely put a smile back on your face.





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  1. Julie von Zerneck

    Warning, warning, warning, Agatha Raisin will take over your life. She will be around every corner. Beware. She will catch you up and steal you away. My husband and I are on our sixth Agatha Raisin book. Help!

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