Life is Hard. Books Make it Better.

Beginning today we’ll be offering something that’s making us very, very happy.

You answer a few questions, make some of your preferences known, and a loved one who resides anywhere in the world will receive a book a month, for as many months as you like. We are so pleased and proud that some of our customers trust us so completely that they’ve only described the recipients’ tastes and left it to us to choose the months’ books. The possibilities are endless. You can choose a theme for us to tailor our selections to, or even request a specific book each month. You even have the option of including a message inside one of our famous greeting cards to include with each book.

How amazing is that? To receive a surprise in the mail every single month and for that surprise to be a book– a book you can read and re-read for the rest of your life? We think it’s pretty amazing.

There’s no easier, more meaningful way to constantly remain in a loved one’s life and give joy, while miles or just a block apart. Just imagine how this could change a life:

 “It’s June 1st. 

Rent is due. 

Bills have piled up.

The world is ending.

But, wait… I get my book today!”



Please email or call us for details and to sign up.


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