Stopping to Consider Why You Stopped

The Stuff of Stuff: in hopes of perpetuating only those things which engender thought, wonder, and awareness.


Without exception, every single time, I still experience a child-like wonder when I encounter, in the world, a word I’ve just learned– almost always, I’ll learn it and within hours it’s everywhere I look, looking at me sideways with that smug I-was-always-here-you-just-never-noticed-me-before look.

Recently, a cherished friend and I were immersed  in a lengthy conversation about the nature of our two ways of being and I found myself forming this thought: “It’s as if your whole life is a long road trip and instead of stopping only at restaurants and motels you brake the car after every single minute of driving, stop, step out and take stock of where you are and how far you’ve come since the last minute and whatever fraction of a mile.” This analogy delighted us both and, as things tend to do when they’ve found their place in truth, it stayed with me.

The next day I discovered this blog and this post through the Book Soup Blog. I’m linking to Dan Visel’s post rather than the original because I appreciate greatly his own wonder at the whole thing.

Can you imagine the magic (or horror, depending on your constitution,) of being in that screening room yourself?



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