Donna Delacy, Book Group Maven

Donna, involved in one book group or another across the country for the past 42 years, was interviewed by BookBrowse recently for their monthly Book Group feature. Interview here. 

Here’s an excerpt:

 “An attorney in my first Great Book group in Dallas was one of the most unattractive and most brilliant men I had ever met. I was telling some friends about him one day on a shopping shuttle bus downtown. I described him in detail especially his physical attributes. As I stood to get off the bus, I realized he was sitting directly behind me. He never looked up or acknowledge that he heard me, but I wanted to turn into a cockroach and crawl away. At the next meeting he didn’t act any differently. I still think about it and wonder if he heard me or not… I pray he didn’t.”


We’re so proud of our Donna!



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2 responses to “Donna Delacy, Book Group Maven

  1. bj

    Ah bookclubs- the best ones are those comprised of a pouporri of characters.

  2. Julie von Zerneck

    So many lives that you touch. I am so impressed.

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