24% Storewide Sale on May 17, Our 24th Birthday

Portrait of a Bookstore turns 24 tomorrow. To celebrate, we’re discounting everything in the store  by the number of the years we’ve spent watching bookstore babies be born, learn to read in the corners of our store, learn to love books as the only constant in life, learn to think, learn to compose thoughts, learn to articulate opinions, write new books. The number of years spent being the source of the objects in your life which bring the most joy, the place where everyone knows your name and the last three books you read, which ones you hated and which you loved. 24.

We want to thank you for all those times you tell us, “I could always order from Amazon, but you’re my first choice. If you have it, I want to always buy it from you.” All those special occasions when you say to yourself, “I’ll just go to Portrait, they’re sure to have something I’ll love.” 24 years of that humbles, excites and motivates us. Thank you.

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