__________ Recommends:

Old or new, best-selling or not, sad or happy, we recommend the books we love. Our bookshelves are peppered with recommendation cards which briefly tell you why you’ll love the books they’re sitting under– neither reviews nor blurbs exactly, they’re something perfect in the middle. Our customers can’t get enough of them. Now, in the interest of equity, we’ll be posting them here as well.

Here are two to start with:

Lucia Recommends:

MIRRORS: Stories of Almost Everyone by Eduardo Galeano

Fiercely political and fiercely human, Mirrors is a feast for the browser, armchair historian, poet, and activist. Imagine Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the US— but penned by a poet and expanded to include the history of the entire world.



Jane Recommends:


Only a kid can take for granted the crudities of a rough rural life in a crumbling colonial world — racism, violence, fleas, leopards, scrappy free-drinking parents — and come out (reader in mesmerized tow) still in love with the dust, the pungent smells, rich flora, dangerous wildlife, and crazy people. A raw, intimate tale of survival in the underbelly of Africa that ends well against all odds.

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