The Opposite of Books

The Stuff of Stuff: in hopes of perpetuating only those things which engender thought, wonder, and awareness.


So much has already been said about this and there will surely be more, so I’ll say only this: however you feel about performance art, this is so much more than that.

If you are not familiar with Marina Abramovic, read either this or this for brief background information.

All I know is, there are few things in the world more excruciating than really, truly looking into the eyes of another for more than a minute.

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  1. Lilly

    This is absolutely the coolest exhibition / performance ever. There is a female performance artist in Mexico who sets up a folding table and chair on busy streets – on the table is an old manual typewriter. She types letters for passersby – love letters, hello to family letters, rejection letters, anything they request. Thank you so much for this – how I wish I was in New York to sit in that chair across from Marina.

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