Found Poetry

Dear Someone by Deborah Landau from the Spring 2010 Issue 192 of The Paris Review

A poem about not being empty.


If Briefly by Allen Edwin Butt from the June 2010 issue of Poetry Magazine

A long, sexually explicit poem which is anything but explicit, written by a male poet whose female narrator is anything but sexual.


Theatre by Robert Farnsworth from the Spring 2010 issue of Ploughshares

About theatre. Sort of.  It’s a good one.


His Daughter, Again and In the Forest by Erika Moya from the Spring 2010 issue of The 2River View

Two very different poems at first glance. Take a second one if you have the time.


If Men Wore Lip Paint by Bernard Henrie from the Winter 2010 issue 23 of La Petite Zine

Written by a “currency trader living in Los Angeles.”  I know that’s the wrong way to introduce you to him but I can’t help myself.




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