Help us Help her find The Help

Now, in the Name that Book in One Note game sometimes we don’t get a whole note to work with.  Sometimes we’re given half a note…sometimes a vaguely remembered ghost of a note.  Sometimes we do pull off miracles, but other times we happily fling out titles like cherry blossom petals in a spring breeze but it looks like no bouquet will be caught….until….

Here’s the latest.  Lovely customer comes in and starts to remember a title a friend told her about…there’s keeper in the title…she thinks it may be called “The Keeper”.  Usually when this happens it’s because a newly released title got mentioned in passing, snippet heard on NPR, half-gance at LA Times Book section half-remembered.  We know these new releases, that’s our job.  So we knew there was no new release called “The Keeper”.  The hunt is on!  First petal into the breeze: “The Housekeeper and the Professor” by Yoko Ogawa – fairly recent, popular, one of our faves.  No, she says…no professor involved.  OK, next petal:  “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jody Picoult- an older title, but the movie came out in 2009.  No?  Our enchanting manager, Aida, has just walked in from the back stock room and flings another blossom into the air:  “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards.  This is less likely, since we are now back a few years, but you never know.  No, not that either? Now even a customer jumps in – popping her head out from the children’s corner where she had been browsing, she holds up, imagine this, “Keeper” by Kathi Appelt, a wonderful new pre-teen coming-of-age adventure.  No no, not a childrens book.  Hmmm.  Now we’re into new “usually when this happens” territory, as in usually they have a completely wrong word.  Aha!  The instant “keeper” got released from its mistaken-identity tangle, it became obvious.  Very short title, first word “The…”, recent, popular.  I think what you’re looking for might be “The Help“, I said.  She looked doubtful as I turned around to pluck it from the shelf.  She took one look at it’s sunny yellow cover and said with surprise “Oh, that’s it!”

Bouquet caught!


Click here for the first, and here for the second in this note-to-tune-making series.


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4 responses to “Help us Help her find The Help

  1. Lilly

    Jane, There is just no other way to say this — YOU ROCK !!!!!! 🙂 Lilly

  2. Lilly

    What a lovely poetic description of what we all go through at least once a day!
    Beautiful bouquet caught! You didn’t mention that when we can’t help piece it together that it haunts us the rest of the day and into the night and our dreams.

  3. Donna

    The previous comment about it haunting us was mine, accidentally posted under Lilly’s name.

  4. Good job, Jane! I’ve been there many, many times. And you’re right, Donna, not “catching the bouquet” can haunt me for days!

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