There Should Be a “5 Under 2.5”

The Stuff of Stuff: in hopes of perpetuating only those things which engender thought, wonder, and awareness.


It’s worth subscribing to The New Yorker just for this issue.

I’m having little heart attacks in anticipation of going home to curl up with it.

If you don’t know them yet, discover my favorites, her, her and him. Pick anything they’ve written and it’ll be good. (The other 17 happen to be wonderful as well. )

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One response to “There Should Be a “5 Under 2.5”

  1. donna DeLacy

    I saw this article and was happy to know about some of these young writers. Talent is simply amazing, especially young talent. It can make one just want to start life all over again hoping to become young and talented.
    Seems most of my favorite authors are over 60 or dead.

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