The Dictator in Me

I have this on-going fantasy about being a benign dictator of the U.S.  Not that I believe I could fix what is wrong with us or that I even completely understand the economic mess we are in (although I’m in the middle of reading “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis  and feel I’m gaining some understanding,) but putting that aside I just have these persistent ideas that I fancy would be good for our nation.  These are not democratic or libertarian ideas– remember: I want to be a Dictator.

Here’s the first installment:

*Flat tax for every citizen and corporation on a sliding scale from 10% to 60%, closing all loopholes and deductions.  The accountants who would be out of work as a result of this could go to work for the government managing the collecting of said taxes from the corporations.

*Every able-bodied senior who draws social security would be required to volunteer 4 hours a week at a school. This would be mandatory until age 80 (longer if they choose).  It wouldn’t have to be in a classroom (some aren’t patient enough) –they could do clean-up, sports, art, office work, whatever. The point is they would be compelled to give these 4 hours or their social security would be withheld.  Even the seniors who have retired to compounds would have to find a school in which to volunteer.

*I would nationalize the schools, have the same curriculum from coast to coast, same textbooks (a panel of professors would compile the list), same sports, arts and theatre programs, funded by the government.  Serious second language study would begin in kindergarten and carry through high school.

*Upon graduation from high school, every young person (drop-outs included,) would have to devote two years to the following plan, which I call Operation Explore Choices.  Dormitories would be provided and every student would move into them as if they were going to college and stay from Sept. through June, breaking for the holidays.  They would choose their semester’s studies broken into eight week segments.  Each student would spend eight weeks at an unpaid internship of their choice learning about a career they might be interested in. One of the eight segments would be set aside for public service.  These students would then be free in the evenings to party to their hearts’ content without wasting their tuition money.  At the end of the two years of OEC they will have learned about several businesses/careers and done some service for their community, while maturing and hopefully getting the animal house party bug out of their systems.

To Be Continued…  Comments and harangues welcome…

Dictator Donna

P.S. This is what I look like. Who says looks are deceiving?


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3 responses to “The Dictator in Me

  1. bj

    Donna- I am SO helping you become dictator. i love everyone of your ideas- you are brilliant !!!

  2. Lynn

    So far I am with you totally-but will hold out until I have read all you want to do.
    Maybe just sent the able bodied and minded seniors into schools.

  3. Donna

    OK Lynn, I see your point: able bodied and of good mind on the senior thing. I admit that my motive here is to reduce the school budget by getting seniors to pitch in. I realize the unions won’t like it much and some seniors as well but what the heck I”M THE DICTATOR! (If all caps still means “yelling”, I don’t mean it that way, I’m just emphasizing).

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