Don’t Touch Anything. Keep Going.

There are many parental strategies for passing small children through the dazzling eye-candy of our books and gifts, the final great obstacle being the actual children’s section just at the lip of the door out into the back garden.  Heard yesterday, starting faintly in the foyer and gathering in volume as they entered our Class IV rapids of temptation: “Don’ttoucheanythingkeepgoingdon’ttouchanythingkeepgoing


Young mother with her barely-out-of-toddlerhood son buoyed on the cresting wave of her determination.  Amazingly, though his head swiveled from one siren sight to the next, he did indeed keep going, swept forward by the firm encouragement of her hand against his back, and her ceaseless mantra.  As he wobbled across the threshold to the garden, she bent to caress him with reinforcing praise. “That’s very good!  You didn’t touch anything!”  Fine young champion!


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  1. Donna

    Cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen the same thing and how many times I’ve seen the mantra NOT work. Little fingers everywhere, exploring everything!

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