Necessary Books, Books Necessary VI

If I was told to choose


I would initially be unable to do it, so overcome would I immediately be with a massive case of the vapors. But after whatever length of time it took me to recover, I would immediately gather my wits and  pack. Besides including insect repellent, sunscreen and a claw hammer, practical for cracking open coconut shells, I would sadly bid farewell to books as I love and adore them. Goodbye to the smell of  ink, the feel of the page, the small but distinct sound that a hardback makes when it is first cracked open. And, dastardly though it would be, I would purchase an  iPad and a heap-load of solar powered batteries, which would allow me access not only to favorite books from my past but stacks of new ones yet to come.    



[Editor’s Note: It pains me greatly to inform you that you will never again hear from BJ, as she was sent to the guillotine early this morning.]


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6 responses to “Necessary Books, Books Necessary VI

  1. Lilly

    BJ !!!!!??????? An iPad????!!!!! WHAT??????? You’ll be on a desert island! Be prepared for spotty reception and adobe flash issues…… Sheesh.

  2. Lilly

    (You don’t work for Apple on the side, do you….?)

  3. Donna

    I am stunned. BJ, really…i pad, e-book, kindle…who are you kidding you know you don’t know nothing about tech stuff! Neither do I and the more tech stuff I get the less I like it.

  4. bj

    ladies, ladies, ladies, while I do admit to being seriously tech impaired, I just fgured it was a way for me to eat cakes worth of the written word. Of course it is a moot point now as I am currently on my way to the guillotine, my hands tied behind my back. How am I writing this you may be wondering? Why they forgot to search my pockets and so I am texting as I make my way up the gallow stairs.

  5. bj

    By the way, couldn’t help but notice the new mast head. Very very nice!

  6. lilly

    I love tech stuff but nothing will ever take the place of a hand-held book for me. The privacy of it, the owning of it, reading of it….. being able to look over at a book on a shelf and know it’s waiting there for you… no turning on a machine. Just me, the book, and a tree with shade… or a comfy sofa, although my favorite reading place lately is my car. I park at a secret scenic location, turn sideways in the drivers seat and put up my legs on the passenger seat and read away in my own little world…

    As for the new Portrait graphics header, GENIUS!!!! JUST LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Leonardo deHegedus!

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