Jonathan Franzen’s new book is one of those rare phenomena which come along every few years or so and very loudly announce the fact that it doesn’t really matter whether or not they’re good. What matters is that if you are to be a successful water cooler conversant or a charming, well-regarded guest at a get-together involving mimosas and  harried political and psycho-social analyses still rooted in the theses written in college,  you must have read the book. Oprah Winfrey says so. And, who knows, maybe it is good.

We have close to about a million copies of Freedom in stock. And all our hardcovers are 20% off. You do the math. I think it’s worth your reputation!

Here are some of the other brand new books, which you should consider picking up, because Ms. Winfrey can only pick one book a year and that shouldn’t stop any of us.

[Click on book covers for summaries and reviews from BookBrowse.]



These will be released early next week. You can order them now and pick up whenever you like.

Guess who has a new book?


For Kids:


Happy Reading.

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