I am the Walrus. I am at peace. Maybe. I understand nothing, not sure if I’m even doing my best, which they say is the least I should be doing. Here’s to lots of hoping and faith in whatever is worth being believed in, such as flowers, gods, babies, pictures, words, moments, hours, feelings that don’t have names. Watching people who don’t know they’re being watched to understand a little better the things that elude you about yourself. The meaning is the meaning until it’s lost.

We could all use some inspiration, yes? I think any day is a good day for that. So, while we lazily wait to update our (A)Musings page with the past weeks’ loot of many an interesting thought, here’s last week’s, out of order and on the main page (what are rules for but to be broken!).


My Mantra:

… Always be a first-rate version of yourself, never a second-rate version of somebody else.

…You are only one out of almost 7 billion people. Treat your ego accordingly.

…Your past does not define your future.

…Stop. Take note. Acknowledge the feeling. Let it go.

…Live for today and pray for tomorrow.

…When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

…I am the Walrus.

…Live long and prosper.

…Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.

…Process not product.

…The only way around is through.

…I am at peace.

…Don’t expect to receive if you are not willing to give.

…Nothing is too wonderful to be true.

…It’s my birthday today and I am in love.

…Some cookie is better than no cookie.

…Sat Nam.

…Walk. Paint. Pray.

…Think good and good will follow.

…Keep it simple, Stupid.

…I am Eloise and I am six

…Make your home in your head. This way, no matter where you go you’ll always be home.

…Open your eyes. Your heart can tell no lies.

…Nothing great or beautiful in this world has ever been born of rational argument.


…Coffee helps.

…I know I am connected.

…There’s nothing wine can’t fix.

…It will all pass.

…Love. That’s all.

…The weak spells are tests. Pass them.


…All you need is love.

…You don’t need another person to know love.

…My daughter keeps me living.

…I don’t know anything.

…It’s less important to love yourself than to respect what made you. Love will come.

…Let everything go. When you let even love go is when you’ll know its real essence.

…Know what you need. Know what you want. Without knowing you’ll take everything and get nothing.

Our customers are a smart, soulful (somewhat inebriated) bunch, are they not? What’s your mantra?

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