J.W. Winslow signs JASMINE DOGS this Saturday(TODAY!) at!

This is J.W. Winslow and she’s quite remarkable.

Writer, Artist and Poet, J.W. is the founder of FRESH ART and the Radio Host of WinslowArt.

JASMINE DOGS: Mystic Adventures in Big Sur (Volume I), the “World’s Premier Green Novel”, is about a woman torn between the very enticing world of Hollywood success and the passions found therein, and the almost other-worldly beauty, serenity and magic of her home in Big Sur. Guided by an Esalen Indian Mystic, entangled in an extraordinary romance, she plunges into a life which leads her on a… well, a mystic adventure…

You’re invited to meet J.W. Winslow, get your hands on this beautiful book, and meet others similarly drawn to this story.

Also, the first three guests will receive free copies of the book!


Hope to see you there!

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