Wherein you are updated, invited, forewarned and informed.

The (A)Musings page has been updated. Hurray for procrastination which must end sometime! Three weeks’ worth of new stuff for you to peruse.

Currently up on the board: What have you done that you never thought you’d have the courage to do? People have put up some of the most interesting answers yet and we can’t wait to post them here next week– you should add your own here and they’ll be included.


In other news, our very own Lucia Silva will be chatting with Susan Stamberg on Morning Edition, on all of your local stations, sometime in the very near future. We’ll keep you updated on the air date. Can’t wait to hear what she and her cohorts will be recommending for this season of giving! Hint: they will be interesting and unique titles, guaranteed to surprise you, not recycled from some bestseller list. And a hurray for that, as well.


We have another epic list from Kevin in the works. You can look forward to that in the next couple of days.


Tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th, from 5-9pm is the Annual Tujunga Village Holiday Fair! Bring the whole family. We’ll be waiting for you, along with all the other lovely people on our block, with smiles and food in hand. And lots of fun to offer up. Have you seen our children’s section, lately? And all the new books? And all the cool, new gifts? And do you know what fun it will be just to wander along the wonderland-transformed street? Okay, so just come.


Totally unrelated and completely out of the blue: someone very close to me, I won’t ever tell you who because I’m pretending it’s not true, just got an e-reader, I won’t tell you which one. And… it’s confirmed! IT MOST DEFINITELY DOES NOT SMELL, FEEL, LOOK OR READ LIKE A BOOK.

That is all. Carry on.


Oh, and one more thing. Guess who’ll be wrapping your gifts when you shop here. Go ahead and take a wild guess.

You’re right!

Doug Dutton.

Of Dutton’s Books in Brentwood.

This man:

The amount of fun we’ll be having is hardly describable.


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