I Came Out. I Gave Birth. I Left. I Came.

Books are about life. The following is also about life. It follows, then, that the following is about books.(If you are a professor of Critical Thinking, or whatever they’re calling it these days, and would like to come to my house to hit me over the head with a club for that one, email me for my address.)


We asked:

What have you done that you once thought you would never have the courage to do?

You anonymously answered:

Be a stay-at-home mom.

Start my own business.

Jump out of an airplane at 12,000 ft.

At 64 and 67, we decided to take a year off and travel the world. Changed our life.

Say the last goodbye to my dad.

Learn to swim in my 20’s.

Let go.

Say what I really feel.

Be happy after my divorce.

Overcome my fear of public speaking. I love Toastmasters!

Have a child.

Learn to drive at the age of 45.


I came out.

Do what I want in bed.

Skinny dip with ten grown men in the moonlight in Hawaii.

Move to Los Angeles and sleep in my car for two months.

Get married after 1 and a half months of dating.

See God in everyone.

Fall in love at the age of 58.

Fall in love.

Finish my Masters despite no one else believing in me.

Overcome social anxiety.

Ask for help.

Give birth to our son 25 years ago… and support his living in New York now.

Speak the truth.

Stand-up comedy.

Tell a man how much I love him. Move to Boston from LA, into his 300 sq. ft. apartment. Marry him.

Be alone.

Give birth with no drugs.

Leave while still in love.

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