Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me World Peace and a PlayStation 3

We may be people who are more at home in the world of the mind, but we’re people too, you know. We like stuff, too. In fact, there is so much on our shelves we’re coveting, we thought we’d share some with you.

Pictures of stuff courtesy of Donna and Jane.


Julie covets:

New York: Portrait of a Bookstore City, by Reuel Golden


French computer bag with orange interior


Frank covets:

At Home: A Short History of Private Life, by Bill Bryson


Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe set with hand-blown Venetian Marbles


Lucia covets:

The Thousand Authumns of Jacob de Zoet, by David Mitchell


It Is Right to Draw Their Fur: Animal Renderings, by Dave Eggers


Eva Ophelia (Lucia’s little reader) covets:

Hourglass for kids


Keats’s Neighborhood – An Ezra Jack Keats Treasury


Jane covets:

Cleopatra: A Life, by Stacy Schiff


Candy-colored flatware


Kevin covets:

The Best American Comics 2010, edited by Neil Gaiman


Medieval chess set


BJ covets:

Faithful Place, by Tana French


Elegant ceramic canisters


Aida covets:

Bukapalooza: A boxed set of essays, short stories, pictures and poems in tiny, separate editions, to be read in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. ($1.49 each makes them perfect stocking stuffers!)


Fancy and cozy pajamas


Donna covets:

Atlas of World History, edited by Patrcik O’Brien


Handknit scarf


Lilly covets:

Historical Atlas of the North American Railroad


Boxed set of Rance soap, Made in Milan, original fragrance


Doug covets:

Selected Poems of Amy Clampitt


The Most Awesome Fire Truck Ever



What’s on your wish list?

On our beloved Patty’s daughter-in-law’s list were two things: a turquoise-colored scarf and a red one. When Patty wandered in 2 days ago, guess what she happened past. Go on. Guess.

Magic, I tell you. Magic!

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One response to “Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me World Peace and a PlayStation 3

  1. Lilly

    Also from my short list: ROCK AND ROLL VS. JAZZ CHESS SET!!!! Head-banging rockers vs. the Giants of Jazz…… what could be more awesomer????

    And the surprise most intriguing coffee table photography book turned out to be….. and I merely glanced at it when it came in…. believe it or not….I know, I know,… is… “The World of Gloria Vanderbilt”. Completely compelling, absorbing… with fantastic photos. Who knew!!!!???

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