Would you rather…

…be the president of a university, a country, or a club?

Which university, which country and which club?

A lovely woman whose birthday it is this Sunday has decided to celebrate at Aroma with all her family and friends. She has requested that her guests give her their favorite book and purchase it at Portrait. They are to write a message in the book about why it’s their favorite. She wants to build her library. She, one person, with one fanciful idea, has given us hope.


President of a university, a country or a club?

Or neither of these?

Here’s a picture of Julie having come up with her answer:

P.S. New (A)Musings here.

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One response to “Would you rather…

  1. Donna

    Wow. What a fun question. For me, I’d like to be not President of this country, but Dictator for one term. I think I could straighten us out! Talk about hopeful.

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