It Counts Only When You Say it on Valentine’s Day



Express yourself … with a little help from your friends…

at Portrait of a Bookstore…




We’re open 10AM to 10PM daily, we gift wrap and we can help you compose love letters. For a small fee, we’ll also accompany you on the guitar and sing back up while you serenade in the moonlight.


Here’s a love poem, written by Matthew Rohrer, called Epithalamium

In the middle garden is the secret wedding,
that hides always under the other one
and under the shiny things of the other one. Under a tree
one hand reaches through the grainy dusk toward another.
Two right hands. The ring is a weed that will surely die.

There is no one else for miles,
and even those people far away are deaf and blind.
There is no one to bless this.
There are the dark trees, and just beyond the trees.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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2 responses to “It Counts Only When You Say it on Valentine’s Day

  1. Julie von Zerneck

    u have it all….

  2. Donna

    I insist on doing the back up singing. That oughta squelch any romance in the air.

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