when you’ve read all there is to read

Psychologie, 2009

cut book in bell jar

Georgia Russell



Readers’ Digest, 1998

cake book

Robert The



Pandora Opens Box, 2009

cut book

The Girl in the Wood, 2008

cut book

Su Blackwell



Book of Light

pop-up book lamp

Takeshi Ishiguro



Dark Hunger

cut book cover

Thomas Allen



I suggest you click on photos to enlarge them for detail and follow the links to discover all the wonderfulness not pictured here. We recently received some notebooks, the covers of which are made of old vinyl records. Though very different from the above art work, Lilly and I nonetheless lamented our dichotomous feelings on the subject — on the one hand, they are so beautiful and, for lack of a more imaginative word, cool. On the other, is it somehow bastardization? We are by no means original in these thoughts, as they were talking about this very thing before Andy Warhol was a speck. Nonetheless, there is an added layer of magic, for those of us who worship books, in beholding an artful, sculpted object which in a different incarnation was someone’s bedside companion. There is poetry in the seemingly random words which remain visible, as well as those which we no longer see, having been cut through or relegated to what is now negative space. Would Su Blackwells’s Girl in the Wood be as hallucinatory were she cut out of a blank book?


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  1. Julie von Zerneck

    Breathtaking, all of them. Thank you Aida for putting these pictures where I can easily be effected by them

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