When no one is looking, I pretend…

People really seem to love our (A)Musings board. A customer, after answering this week’s prompt anonymously, said to me a few days ago how she wishes she had one at home. So she could actually communicate. Rather than ponder the tragedy of this, she and I chose to look at the bright side.

Some answers are very silly… and some aren’t.



… to be in conversation with God.

… that this day really is special and I really can do anything I want.

… that what I’m eating has no calories.

… that I’m James Bond.

… Are you kidding? I make everyone look.

… I’m singing in front of thousands of people. And they love me.

… I’m alive.

… I still have the baby I gave away. My baby.

… that I am you.

… I’m British.

… I’m under water. And  I can breathe. And I can stay here forever.

… I’m a conductor. And it all makes sense.

… I’m five years old. Playing with blocks. Happy.

… that I am a woman.

… I don’t pretend. I dance everywhere.

… that I am the version of myself that I always dreamed I’d be.

… I’m Baryshnikov.

… that someone is secretly watching me. Spying on me. I pretend not to notice so they can keep watching.

… I’m pregnant. I just walk around, pretending, with my hand on my belly.

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One response to “When no one is looking, I pretend…

  1. Julie von Zerneck

    I pretend that I am tall and thin and have no wrinkles.

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