“there ain’t no joy”

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Here is a post a Skylight Books staff member, Emily Pullen, wrote on February 16 on the Skylight blog. It’s about why she isn’t celebrating the decline of a large chain bookstore. And it’s worth a read.

Borders, after all, purportedly threatens or at least, due sheerly to its size and vast resources, has a great advantage in competition with tiny independent bookstores such as ourselves. Yet, as Emily says, “there ain’t no joy in a bookstore closing.” Any bookstore.

So often, those who support local, independent bookstores vilify the chains. As though an allegiance to one negates an allegiance to the other. And maybe it does.  But a bookstore is a bookstore.

There is no joy in a death. Of any kind. Of anyone or anything. No matter what.



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2 responses to ““there ain’t no joy”

  1. Maggie

    It’s so true what Emily says. The end of ANY bookstore is a significant loss. The book world as we know it is going through a sea change and maybe we’ll surprise ourselves and like what shakes out. But it doesn’t mean we won’t cherish and long for what is dear to our hearts now.

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