Five Chapters

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“…we all know what’s happened to the short story as a form in magazines… [writers] are left with things like Five Chapters–which, in a way, is good for me–but I’m not always sure it’s good for the overall reading culture.”

David Daley, the founder and editor of, has taken a page out of a very old book and we think you’ll love it. From One Thousand and One Nights to Sherlock Holmes to Stephen King’s The Green Mile and, of course, Dickens’s work, serialization of works of fiction has always been the very pragmatic and normal way of doing things. Only recently has it become a novel thing and no one does a better job than FiveChapters.

It’s simple: a story per week, each one told in five parts. Though David operates the whole thing on his own, the stories manage to be good every week, believe it or not.

And there is something so sweet and delicious about dragging out over five days a piece of fiction that would under normal circumstances take no more than an hour or two to finish.

Here, give it a try!

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