The most important thing I learned in kindergarten was…

…that when you swallow a penny it comes out of you the next day.

…that if you can’t play nice it’s not play.

…that I had a wild imagination.

…how to restrain myself from teasing girls.

…to be kind.

…i leerned how too spell.


…that when I became an adult I too would think  that celery and peanut butter go together well.

…how to tie  my shoes.

…to always take a nap before I could have lemonade and cookies.

…that I preferred the company of adults.

…that I would marry Taeyeon Won.

…that Mommy would come back.

…to not bite the boys… in front of teachers.

…that ants are edible.

…that holding someone’s hand gives you the best feeling in the world.

…potty training. Really appreciate that lesson.

…how to read, how to add, how to ask for things.

…that boys were cute and I liked them a lot.

…that people like you more if you’re happy all the time.

Thank you to our customers for playing along.


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2 responses to “The most important thing I learned in kindergarten was…

  1. Julie von Zerneck

    …that ants are edible? I didn’t learn that. Who ever said that went to a great kindergarden!

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