Our Favorite Summer Reads

For me, one of the most surprising concepts in this culture is that of the summer book. I am surprised, furthermore, that summer books aren’t defined, necessarily, as books about, set in or somehow evocative of summer. They are, rather, (I guess,) books to put on a reading list for a season during which people have more time for leisurely pursuits…? And there’s also an element of lightness involved in there somewhere.

So I put the question to our staff and requested their favorite summer book(s) of all time, however they define the term. Let me tell you: they were quite enthusiastic about this one.


Danielle has two absolute favorites for summer. The first is Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk. Why? Because “it’s a long, sprawling book. And it’s romantic but not so trashy that you feel cheap.”

Her second is Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell, because “it’s a book I wouldn’t have the head space for at any other time.”


So my understanding is pretty much correct:  A summer read is like chewy ginger candy for your brain, and it is enjoyed primarily when one has the luxury of extra time.


Julie’s favorite is Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. She says, “it’s one of my most favorite reads of all time. The title alone sends my heart racing with delight whenever I see it hiding in my bookcase. The reading of it, however… oh, the reading of it always fills me with joy and excitement.”


                                                                                                                                                                        Lucia’s is Play It As It Lays, by Joan Didion.


BJ has a few. In order:


Donna’s “favorite summer read is The Handyman, by Carolyn See. Set in L.A. in the summertime…not exactly a coming of age but more of a coming-of-art book.” I ‘m pretty sure I understand what that means.


Mine (Aida’s) would have to be All the Living, by C.E. Morgan. The book is set in the South… during summer. I read it last winter, fell deeply, deeply in love with every single word and plan on reading it again this winter. It’s so hot in the book… so very hot and muggy.




What’s a summer read to you? What’s your mostest favoritest?

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