Pillow Talk

Last week I ate Indian food for the first time after a lifetime of “hating” it without even having tried it. I LOVED it.

I went to “Air Combat Pilot For a Day” training. What an awesome experience!

Yesterday I saw a full rainbow in Studio City for the first time. It made me so happy.

Last week, I planted legume seeds inside a heart-shaped area with friends.

Yesterday, for the first time, I drove the PCH North of Malibu, all the way to Ventura. It was so beautiful that it fed my spirit.

Last week I decided to start greeting every single person I cross paths with. I think I’ve popped a lot of thought bubbles… but it’s also resulted in a lot of smiles.

Last week I went zip-lining. Do it!

I went to see a live band play, all by myself.

Last night, I posted my profile on an internet dating site. Yikes!

On September 9th, I traveled alone to China. A trip that consisted of many firsts. I love you, Shanghai!

I went to a movie by myself, then had a meal at a restaurant… by myself. For the first time ever!

This morning I sewed my daughter a blouse. I’m overly, ecstatically proud of myself.

I meditated. I really really meditated!

I approached a man for the first time in my life. For the first time ever, I didn’t wait to be approached. And he said yes!

Oh, God. I started a book. I wrote the first sentence today and burst into tears. I can’t wait to put down the second sentence.

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  1. Exciting news, about the book! Hopefully the second and subsequent lines won’t elicit quite the same dramatics as the first! (BTW I rode a horse bareback for the first time two weeks ago–it was fantastic.)

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