Why? And, ummm, how? But… why?

Going Home Books for the Holidays

Day Fourteen

More Interesting Than Your Teacher is an innovative take on learning. Stuart Wright believes that schools go about learning the wrong way, focusing too much on the details and confusing children. More Interesting Than Your Teacher sets to correct this and tackle tricky subjects in an accessible, bite- sized way that will help children (and adults) get their head around the information.

Why is it colder up at higher altitudes even though you are closer to the sun? And did you know that only 5% of the world’s surface is habitable? That Jackson Pollack’s painting No. 5 is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold? That one of Peru’s biggest exports is bird poo?

More Interesting Than Your Teacher has the answers to these questions and hundreds of others. With the facts presented in short, easy to understand language and accompanied by fun illustrations, this book can help children of all ages learn vital information without hours of study.

“…without hours of study”? If you ask me, I think children should be subjected to hours of study, but if that’s not going to happen, this little book is a perfect alternative. Also great for parents. I was asked yesterday, for example, why the moon is a different shape every night. Do I know the answer? Yes. Was I able to articulate it in a way that the child asking me would understand? No. I said something very much like this Google answer:  During each month, the Moon seems to change from a tiny sliver to a large bright ball. These shapes are the phases of the Moon. When there is a Full Moon, the Sun lights up the entire side of the Moon that faces Earth. When there is a New Moon, the unlit side of the Moon faces Earth. During a New Moon, you cannot see the Moon.   I think I’ll buy this book.


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  1. Stuart Wright

    Hi Aida – If you did buy the book, I very much hope that you enjoyed it and can see what I am trying to achieve here.

    Please let me know – stuartwrightmijas@gmail.com

    Kind regards,

    Stuart Wright (author of “More interesting than your teacher”)

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