What do we do Great Barrymore?

What shall we do simple monk?

Going Home Books for the Holidays

Day Twenty-Four

In this small, luminous memoir, the National Book Award winner Patti Smith revisits the most sacred experiences of her early years, with truths so vivid they border on the surreal. The author entwines her childhood self and its “clear, unspeakable joy” with memories both real and envisioned from her twenties on New York’s MacDougal Street, the street of cafes.

Woolgathering was completed, in Michigan, on Patti Smith’s 45th birthday and originally published in a slim volume from Raymond Foye’s Hanuman Books. Twenty years later, New Directions is proud to present it in an augmented edition, featuring writing that was omitted from the book’s first printing, along with new photographs and illustrations.

This is a book you’ll keep well. One you’ll treasure. One you’ll save so that someone else will be able to treasure it, as well. It is a book you’ll want to share. Because it is a joyful book about joy, and it is so very generous.

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