Tails I win, Heads you lose.

UNESCO voted to admit Palestine. As a result, the US pulled all funding. Gabon, a country the size of most Americans’ closets, pledged $2 million to UNESCO. There’s a law involved. Also, a good measure of some serious politicking. If you want to learn more, see here, or, you know, just Google it. Your head will spin. 

It’s unlikely that the US pulled funding in order to punish innocent children desperately in need of resources. It’s also unlikely that Gabon is taking the money out of its own people’s hands solely for the purpose of helping the aforementioned children. This whole thing is about something totally different and it has nothing to do with children or education or hungry, displaced people or the futures of these… Except those are the very things it affects.

In order to laugh hard enough to confuse your tears away, please watch this and this.

So far, we have collected (and ourselves donated) ten boxes of children’s books to send to the school in South Africa where Katie Roberts is volunteering. We continue to add to our growing stacks and implore you to let your friends and family know about this cause. The only problem is, we can’t send these books until the fund, called Siphumelela, collects $16,000. So far, just $5,945 has been amassed. To learn more about this, please click Here.

There are too many laws, too many agendas, too many codes of morality to contend with. All we can do is act ourselves in whatever way we’re able to, for whatever cause it is that moves us.

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  1. Judi Dickerson

    Thank you for sharing this story about Unesco. No mainstream media is covering it. We must thank Jon Stewart and the very clever John Oliver for using comedy to highlight the suffering that will ensue. And thank you again for mentioning Katie’s dream of a library in her school in South Africa. Moreover thank you to everyone who has helped with books and donations. Slowly but surely Siphumelela, ‘We Succeed’. xoxo, Judi

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