your half of the milk


Milk Division

I duct-tape a border down the middle

Of every room—my side, your side—

So I won’t be able to watch the clock

And you won’t be able to see the mirror

While you dress each morning, and I’ll

Have to lean across the plants to tell you

What shoes you’re wearing with what hat.

It’s a good system. If your toes wander

Onto my side of the bed, I’ll keep them

And raise them as my own, and one day

You’ll come home early and you’ll catch me

With your half of the milk. This is all

In the future. Goddamn, you’ll say,

We should have tried this years ago.

 by Josh Bell

from no planets strike

April is Poetry Month. We’re celebrating here with a poem a day, by giving out poems like candy when you visit us, and discounting all poetry books by 10%. Because reading poetry is a fairly acceptable form of social deviance. And we’re all about that.


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One response to “your half of the milk

  1. Julie von Zerneck

    Made my heart roar.

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