Photo Gallery

A FEW PHOTOS TAKEN FROM       OUR                                                                                                                                                                                  FAMILY ALBUM

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Julie and a newly-arrived shipment of antiquarian books. Can you think of a better place to spend an afternoon than in this regal kitchen with a glass of white wine and the venerable odor of 100-year old books?

After they’ve been cleaned and kissed goodbye, they await their fates on one of our beautifully designed gift shelves.

Books, wonderful books!

Our Children’s section. Books on the left, toys on the right, and magic all around.

Julie and BJ in the middle of one of their famous Mondays, when they re-design the store.

Donna, Julie’s granddaughter, Irene Fearnley, and Ms. Matilda von Zerneck, French Bulldog by birth, snuggly bookstore protectress by profession.

Julie, having just finished a shelf.

Lucia and Susan Stamberg

Here’s our beloved Brett– musician, craftsman, builder of our little bookstore, wonderful friend.

A few of the members of the gang. The well-behaved ones stayed home that night.

What you see when you walk in with a full belly, from the fireplace room.

The fireplace room.

BJ at the Swinderby Antique Fair in England

Julie and Frank- Mama and Papa Portrait

6 responses to “Photo Gallery

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  2. Julie von Zerneck

    How can it get better then that?

  3. bj

    Yup! that’s us, captured in a nut shell!
    What a beautiful visual story- I want to move on to a shelve, nestle in with a book and stay forever, or at least until monday morning rolls around.
    Thank you, fairies of the bookstore, for the magnificent & brilliant tales that you continue to share.
    xoxo, BJ



  5. Interesting little store you got there.

    I stopped by, saturday evening, just expecting a cafe, but a Bookstore seemd to have broke out in the joint, hee, hee! 😀

    Checking out your website I love that you have been around so long, as my first job, 1984-2001, was in an independent chain, with a long distinguished history, before everything went to hell, in the Inland Empire, where I was a store manager my last 11 years there.

  6. Elizabeth Shanken Bright

    Julie, Frank and family: I remember when you opened the store and said “I am either going to have another child or open a business, I think I will open a business!” How wonderful your store celebrated 26 years. May you and Frank enjoy (your well deserved) a blissful retirement! Toluca Lake will miss your store I am sure. The portrait of the four of you is a beautiful reminder of the beginning of Portait of a Bookstore. G-d Speed. Elizabeth Shanken

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