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Children’s Book Signing at Portrait this Saturday (Updated: TODAY)!

UPDATED: Today we are expecting a High of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, cloudy in the AM, sunny in the PM. I’m not your kids’ parent but I wouldn’t recommend you allow them into the pool. And the grass will definitely still be wet at the park. You really only have one other alternative. Be at Portrait between 11 and 1. We’ll be happy to see you because we’ll already be there. You’ll be happy you did it because, as I said, it’s your best alternative for this morning. And the kids, well, the kids will love it!



Come meet Candace Ryan and Diane Browning!


They’ll sign books, color with you, show you how to draw, even. You can ask them anything you want about their books and how to write and publish your own.

There will be treats, a water fountain to stop up with gum, sunshine and laughter.

Tell me you have somewhere better than a bookstore to take the kids in your life to on a Saturday afternoon!


You will be able to purchase books inside the bookstore and walk out into our garden to meet with the authors.




Imaginative, inspiring and beautifully illustrated, these two very different books will delight your children

and the only thing cooler than reading is reading a book written by someone you spent an afternoon with!

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The other day at Portrait a little boy came in, trailed by the dirtiest blankie I’ve ever had the honor of being presented with. That’s what he did, he came in, stuck his hand out to me, the only person in the store, and gave me his blanket. He spoke with an unnaturally thick Boston accent.


 “You sad.”

“Hi. Where’s your mama?”

“Mommy gone.  Dad and, um, Lara outside. You look sad inside window. You want my bookie to kiss?”

“What’s your name?”

“Spencer. Why you sad?”

“I’m not sad. I’m serious. See?” I demonstrate knitted brows and frown for “sad,” knitted brows and no frown for “serious.”

“Oh. My mom serus.” He pushes the blanket toward me one last time.

“You take before cows come home?”

“Okay. Thank you. My goodness. Your bookie is sooo soft. You’re a good friend, Spencer.”

“Books good friends. Lara give me books. But bookie not book. Bookie BEST friend.”


Spencer spends the next fifteen minutes on my lap, on the floor of our children’s nook, telling me about where he thinks his mother might be. Very cheerfully, I might add.


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