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-water on my Chex-

Jane’s sister, who loves books beyond all, lives in Miami.  She picked up this local gem of funky Cuban haiku and mailed it out on loan.  Ever been to Hialeah? Here’s a little taste.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, haiku are 17 syllables in three lines of 5, 7, 5.


like, bro, why, bro, why
for real, bro, seriously
man, bro, like, come on.


Henry likes Naty
she makes good espumita
but she’s his cousin.


the blue haired vieja
that works at the pharmacy
sells meds on the side.
outside Sedano’s.
one man peels the oranges
and i love that man.
we ran out of milk.
she poured water on my Chex,
and wiped away tears.
this honor just means
Juan had nowhere else to go:
perfect attendance.
I choose a number,
she moves her thumbs back and forth,
“Now choose a color.”

ITT said no.
Cordon Bleu said no (for now).
gonna be a cop.


Flaky but clingy,
you’re choking me with sweetness,
You: guava pastry.
Hialeah Haikus edited by Marco Ramirez & Alex Fumero
Published by Foryoucansee Books

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