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“Never Let Me Go” Contest/Giveaway

It’s on your list of favorite books. I know it. I’ve yet to meet any one of you who says otherwise. And now they’ve gone and made a movie. You must be excited.

We’re excited too. And happy to have a few goodies to give away to the lucky three of you who answer this question best:

How do you relate to a story about cloned children growing up secluded in an idyllic countryside, only partially aware of their purpose in life, who later grow up to fulfill it without once rebelling against it in action?

Length and breadth are of no concern. Only truthfulness. You can answer in comments or via email. The deadline for the contest is the date of the film’s early release in NY/LA on September 15th.


Here’s what you can win:

Signed film poster (signed by director Mark Romanek)
Never Let Me Go book by Kazuo Ishiguro
Never Let Me Go t-shirt



Want to interview Kazuo Ishiguro himself? Ask him anything you want.




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Some are atrocious and others are interesting. All the interesting ones happen to be advertising books which turn out to be interesting themselves, so, in the end, there is nothing here to offend any purists. Enjoy.


A lovely book trailer for Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nocturnes, by George Wu.






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