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Q: How do you know you have too many books? A: When your baby has to help you pack them.

You can never have too many books… until it’s time to move house.

This is when one would yearn for an entire library stored on a single, slim, 2-pound device, right? 50 boxes in and still packing, I couldn’t disagree more. Packing up our library for the third time in as many years, my husband and I pause over the volumes that shaped those lives — and our life together. The books we read (together!) in high school, the books we gave each other (a first edition of Anagrams!), the books given to us by people who are no longer with us, the broken spines that fall open to the favorite poem, to recite again…

There is room in this society for any kind of technology that brings books to more people, that expands our notions of what kinds of containers information comes in, that enlarges our assumptions about who controls that information… and that allows us to increase font-size as our eyes decrease in acuity! But, for better or for worse, there is no room for such a device in this house. It’s too full of books.




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