How Uncle Sal is changing the world

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 Please read what Helen DeWitt has to say about THIS, because she makes so much more sense…

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There are a few people I know who cannot think of anything worse than exposing their ignorance to the world. They’re not stupid. They’re just not geniuses. Except, they pretend they are. They have entire reputations based on being the smartest one in the room, regardless of the room. But there are things they don’t know. Because while these things were being taught to them, they were too busy pretending they knew everything, so they weren’t listening! These people could be much wealthier today had they not spent all their money on therapy to treat the anxiety brought on by the work of pretending. It’s precisely like talking in depth about a book, when all you’ve read is the synopsis. It’s a skill. It takes work. Just because they do it well doesn’t mean they don’t put a great deal of effort in it, is all I’m saying. And just imagine admitting to it now and asking to be taught something– it’s unimaginable is what it is, because it would render their lives meaningless, exposing them as the imposters they are.

This system, for the unfortunate people above, is a miracle!

Also, it’s great for normal people, too.


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