One Poem at a Time -20-

This poem (spell? mantra?) was composed (received as revelation?) sometime between 400 and 100 B.C. by Amhairghin, wordmaster to the “Sons of Mil”, the ancient Celtic conquerer/founders of Ireland. If you read this and are able to take it as truth rather than romance, then it’ll save you having to read “The Tao of Physics“, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters“, or “Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics“.



A Song of Amhairghin

I am an estuary into the sea
I am a wave of the sea
I am the sound of the sea
I am a powerful ox
I am a hawk on a cliff
I am a dewdrop in the sun
I am a plant of beauty
I am a boar of valor
I am a salmon in a pool
I am a lake in a plain
I am the strength of art



 [Listen to an audio clip of Czeslaw Milosz reading “Magpiety.”]

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  1. lilly

    Amhairghin! Such clarity and power… Thanks for this, Jane! This style and profundity reminds me of the great Sufi poets.

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