Bookishness Elsewhere…and a Rant

“The Wonderful and Terrible Habit of Buying Too Many Books”– Gabe Habash laments and rejoices (all at once) in his disgusting addiction.


Ann Patchett thinks that the possibility of interaction with “smart people” is a pretty good reason to choose independent bookstores over everybody else. I couldn’t agree more. Especially since everyone I’ve ever met in a bookstore was a genius, not including a cat or two.


Wendy MacLeod, writing for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, answers some frequently asked questions about poetry, here. For example, the oft-posed question which has irked many a life traveler: “Why do people go to poetry readings?” Answer:  “…Some go because it makes them look arty and deep. But most use poetry readings as a gentle, non-addictive sleep aid.”


On May 7, 2011 (okay, so this isn’t exactly breaking news,) Robert Krulwich gave the commencement address at Berkeley School of Journalism. If you haven’t read the transcript, here it is. Do yourself a favor and read it. Then write yourself a thank you note.


Here’s something interesting. A book recommendation website specifically for 20-somethings, called 20Something Reads. Presumably, every newly-released book with romance and/or violence in it will be found here. Or not. I don’t know. Mainly because I don’t understand the distinction. Cleopatra is on the Spring Break 2012 reading list, along with Blood, Bones and Butter and Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob Lowe’s autobiography. Also, Bond Girl. I guess it’s safe to say there won’t be books about euthanasia here, but that’s about all I can safely say. Because, after all, after “Young Adult” there is only “Adult” and there is a reason for that. Is the idea here that the twenties are only a hop and a skip away from the teens, whereas starting in the thirties, you’re a whole country apart? If so, (and, mostly, this is certainly true of the early twenties, when you’re no more than a teenager with responsibilities,) I still want to know what makes a normal twentysomething. Who are twentysomethings? 25-year olds with toddlers? 28-year olds living in their parents’ basements? Mark Zuckerberg? Jeanette Winterson? Are twentysomethings of this generation more or less worldly than those of the previous? What does “worldly” even mean anymore when a version of this world is at everyone’s fingertips now? I suppose twentysomethings will choose and review the books featured here, and that will make them books for twentysomethings. Maybe that’s all there is to it.


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  1. Donna DeLacy

    I also don’t understand the 20something reading list…as a matter of fact I think I hate the idea. It’s insulting to everyone with it’s implications.

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